Augmented reality (AR) technology, however, is revolutionizing the traveler’s experience by making the planning journey much more seamless, interactive, and simple. This technology makes it possible to layer digital enhancements over an existing reality or real life scenario. For tourism, this means that booking your hotel, accessing information while you’re there, navigating around your destination, translating written or spoken signs or conversations, and locating dining and entertainment options can all be done simply through an app on your mobile devices. AR technology also changes how you can find and experience local attractions, culture and entertainment. Using apps powered by AR, you can not only research and navigate to the places you wish to visit, but you can experience them in a much more meaningful way with digital overlays containing interactive information about the culture or history of the site. For example, when visiting a museum, you can scan or take photos of exhibits, and bring them to life with AR, with interactive information and games.